What is Cardology?

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In life, we have to play the Hand were Dealt. Cardology (sometimes called cartomancy,) is the study of the playing cards, and how they relate to us and our world. This system of divination has been used since the time of Atlantis, and is in fact the original form of card divination . Astrology and Cardology work hand in hand, with both giving you the ability to approach either logically or spiritually and get the same result. It is in direct conjunction with our calendar, the seasons, the zodiac, and the heavenly bodies above us. There is no guesswork involved, and having this pre-written knowledge of oneself can help you in all areas of life, from business, to relationships, and so much more. 


Below is a calendar that will help you find out your birth card


Playing Cards (sometimes called the Mystic Test Book, or The Little Book of the Seven Thunders) have existed since the age of Atlantis, where they (and astrology) were used as a means to calculate the energy of our planet, and the beings on it. This is why the deck and its symbols always resonate with the Collective. The only "religion" of the time was that of the stars, and to this day, we know that the future exists above us, both metaphorically and literally. This knowledge was previously only available to a select group known as the Order of the Magi, whose symbol is the Ace of Spades. This is why the Ace of Spades is always decorated more ornately than the other Aces in the deck. This knowledge has evolved over time, giving us practices and tools such as Tarot (among others). With the help of equations, the heavenly bodies and universal symbols, we began to have a map of what we would be experiencing on this plane. This map has helped numerous souls predict influxes in planetary energy (to a near perfect degree), as well as pivotal moments for themselves and for Humanity. This system is now being shared with you, with all of Humanity, so that we may begin to ascend in consciousness and Oneness.

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