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Dream On

Peace. Hope all is well.

”Dreams and Reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them.”

This quote alone has so much power and if understood correctly, can change someone’s life.

We often get discouraged because what we see in our mind’s eye ( i.e. imagination, or third eye for those privy) doesn’t align with what’s in our physical reality. Many say that life is an illusion, and this quote can be a reason for this saying.

We can dream big. We can see all possibilities within our mind and even have the plan to do it. But without the proper action, it will stay there in your mind.

Anything is possible. However it takes the proper action to do so. In order to bring these dreams into fruition, you must be actively pursuing them with the corresponding efforts, and that can look infinite in its forms. Some may not even see this vision. But that doesn’t matter.

Right Thought. Right Intention. Right Action.

Ameni (Which means peace in Swahili)

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