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Dreams and Actions

Ameni. We hope all is well today.

There is a quote that we have loved for years and has stuck with us, and today it will be the basis of our blog post:

"Dreams and Reality Are Opposites. Action Synthesizes Them."

What do we mean by this? What does this represent, and why are we bringing this up?

We all know what it means to dream. We all know what it means to have an idea of what we see ourselves as, or of what we will (or are) becoming. This very practice is actually what Western society does in its advertising to control us, but that's a topic for another post. These ideas of our future self are often called dreams or visions, and is often synonomous with the activity of our Mind and Spirit when we sleep. Essentially both are the same: they speak to future ideas being perpetuated to us by our Subconscious Mind and our Soul based on what patterns, activities, and repetitive thoughts we have picked up from our environment. In many ways, our dreams ARE us. It is what allows some of us to continue with our days. Its what gives us the ability to ACT in our current environment.

Western Society is overly obsessed with work, with hustle, with the GRIND... and for good reason. The Law of Vibration states that "Nothing rests. Everything moves, everything vibrates." In the vein of this, we know that even though we have these dreams, these ideas of our future selves, that action is a vital part of our lives. There are particles moving behind the screen you're reading this on. You heart is moving, pumping blood throughout your body. Cars must have gears and electricity moving based on chemical reactions for you to move in them. In other words... without action, without some sort of movement happening, these afformentioned processes would not be possible. Why would your visions and dreams not behave in the same way?

Our thoughts are also a form of action. They are the action of our Soul, and we control them, not the other way around. This is the point of meditation, of silencing your mind; it is so you can take conscious control of these thoughts. However, once this is done, and you are able to then master your thought processes, the next step is to implement these thoughts into you actualizing them. Thoughts hold a lot of power and are the main source of ALL things on this plane. Why? Because they influence you (and other things within the Cosmos) to ACT, to MOVE or to continue motion. So if the purpose of your thinking, of your ideas, is to make something move or to ACTivate a part of the environment... why would you then keep them SOLEY in your head? If your dream is what gets you out of bed everyday, and face the trials and tribulations of the world... why not do something to manifest those thoughts and make them tangible to your senses? Your thoughts, ideas and dreams are important. If this is true, then they SHOULD (and do, consciously or unconsciously) drive you into action.

In short... "Dreams and Reality are Opposites. Actions Synthesize Them."

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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