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Letting Go

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today.

"The hardest part of Love is Letting Go." Anyone who has had any amount of life experiences will tell you the truth of this statement. At one point in time we all had that one person, place or thing that we wish would stay forever. The reality is that this just isn't possible, for numerous reasons. Lets discuss.

The Universe upholds a vacuum. In other words, there is no empty space in the universe. A space will be filled, regardless of how, when, what or why. These statements are the very reason why we must learn to let things go. Thought patterns, objects, people, memories, and more all must be let go at some point in time. In order for us to receive, well... anything, we must have the space for it. If we always have a space filled or always clutch tightly to all that we have, or the things we've done, we make no room for new experiences.

Imagine if you always had the same friends. How would you be able to make room for new people if you're always around the same individuals? How can you create new memories if you constantly reminisce over things that have already happened? As an artist, how can you create new art, or advance in your craft if you're always daydreaming about how great your current work is? Imagine if a child always held on to the same toys. As they get older, their interests will change as they're exposed to new information which means the things they use for fun/leisure MUST change.

We are not saying that reflection isn't important. We must know where we come from in order to get where we're going. However, in order for the Universe to bless you, there are some things that must be let go. Change is the only constant. Nothing stays the same. We must embrace this change in order to keep growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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