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Past, Present, Future

Ameni. We hope all is well.

We all look to get better and continue our journey everyday. No matter your reason or season, you are looking to improve and build upon yourself, or change your circumstances to hit the next pinnacle of your reality. We look to live better than the past, do what we can in the present, and create the future.

"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle has been a powerful book in the journey of many souls. In this book, he emphasizes the power of Now... the present moment. He talks about how the present is the only true existence, and no matter where you go MENTALLY, the all encompassing Now is ever-present, omnipotent, and all pervading. This is the subject of our blog today.

The past creates the foundation for what we want to build. It is where we come from. Our past is important because it is the "primordial waters" that allows us to grow into ourselves, and in many ways becomes the blueprint of our life. Even if you have experienced trauma throughout your life, these situations taught you lessons that you couldn't have ever learned anywhere else. A burn teaches you about the importance of fire safety. An abusive relationship teaches you the value of self-love. The love of a parent, guardian, or key figure is vital to shaping who you are. You are the product of that which came before you. This is the power of the past.

The future is what you are striving for, it is what you are creating. If your past wasn't where you wanted to be, or if it caused you to learn hard lessons, these lessons can be applied to your future. The future is the "Light" that gives you the strength to move forward. It quite literally lights the way. It is boundless and is the place of self-creation. It gives you the opportunity to create what you wish to change. It is the place of vision. Children are the future of our bloodlines, and the reality is all that we do is for these youth to grow up and continue said legacy. We place our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and everything we wish to do in the next moment.

This is the power of the future.

The present, however, is the most important piece of this conversation. The present moment is the power of choice. You make a decision to change your past NOW. You build the vision for yourself NOW. No matter how you look or think about it, if you do not take actions to change your viewpoint of the past, you will continuously create and reference from it. "Hurt people hurt people" and it is for this reason. We of course look to go forward into the future, but not planning or taking actions towards that future can be an act of self-destruction. Living too much in the past or future is neglect of the present. Without the corresponding actions of the present moment, it is hard to change your past or create your future. The Present is important to any and every modality, job, thought, action, and pursuit on the planet. If you want a house that doesn't exist NOW, you have to make plans to have it NOW. A relationship that was cultivated in the past has to continue to be cultivated NOW, otherwise it will not exist in the future (unless it is toxic, in which case... goodbye). Even the Sun and Moon exist in cycles on the planet NOW, regardless of what tense we use or observe them. The Law of Attraction is an act of experiencing something NOW, of presently being that which you want to see or become. By not putting gas in your car NOW, you will not have gas for later. How can you have a new hairstyle, lifestyle, or even work on your health and spiritual life if you don't start it NOW? The lessons of the past and the hopes of the future collide in the present moment.

We will leave you with this quote:

"Life's a long moment that we're witnessing in slow-mo." - Nate Jolley

Meditate on this today. Ameni (Which means "peace" in Swahili)

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