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 Nathaniel Naafie Jolley  III
Founder of  P.O.E (Perception Over Everything) LLC

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Poet, Founder

"The Hip-Hop Magi"


"Hip" is to be intelligent, which comes from knowing, and the first thing to know is YOURSELF. "Hop" is a movement, specifically a forward (or outward) movement. Hip-Hop is an intelligent movement about self-expression. But we must Know Our Selves first, and this is a spiritual process. As we understand ourselves, we free ourselves.  Hip-Hop is more than just an expression... Its a Lifestyle, a Kulture, and if you choose... a business to feed you as well as your loved ones.

"Your Brand is Who You Are. So Who Are You?"


Nate was born in Boston, MA but raised in Kingstree, SC. Born to intelligent and self-aware parents, he has been making Hip-Hop music and writing poetry since the age of ten. After attending Coastal Carolina University (although he later dropped out), he had the honor of studying Andean Shamanism from the Lineage of Alberto Villoldo (The Four Winds Society), along with mastering various crafts such as creative writing, artist development, intellectual property, branding and marketing. He is a skilled poet and music artist, as well as having a love of studying astrology, cardology (astrological calculations using playing cards) and other sacred sciences. His intent is to teach to Collective through the Arts while helping willing souls build and maintain brands that represent one's Highest Self.

"Art is Alive, Nothing is Real" - Unknown

P.O.E (Perception Over Everything) LLC is a Media and Music Brand that "Helps Souls See Their Highest Destiny via the Arts."

POE is specifically built to help you reach and actualize the limitless potential and magic innate within, and create tangible steps to manifest this in the world we live in. With truthful content as well as "Creative Consultations" (which range from cardology readings & shamanic sessions to business insights), we help you share your Truest Self in the marketplace for those that need YOUR specific set of skills.


POE specializes in branding strategies (your brand being who you are represented in the marketplace) which is a critical department for ANY business' success. Our consulting sessions are built to help put you and your business in the most authentic and prosperous position possible, with Hermeticism, Cardology, and Shamanic Wisdom being a foundation for helping one re-discover Self. You can learn more about Cardology through our free lecture in the digital shop, and there are free consultations available.

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