Nathaniel Naafie Bey
Founder of Perception Over Everything 

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"The Hip-Hop Magi," Founder


"Hip" is to be intelligent. "Hop" is a movement. Hip-Hop is an intelligent movement about self-expression. But we must Know Our Self first, and this is a spiritual process. As we understand ourselves, we free ourselves.  


After developing himself through life's many challenges, Nate tapped into his abilities as a writer, gifted intuitive, and creative to help others. His goal is to help the Collective in the Self-Realization process via Music and Cardology. He is a talented poet and artist, as well as having a love of studying astrology, cardology (astrological calculations using playing cards) and other sacred sciences, with the intent to teach to Collective through the medium of Art.

"Art is Alive, Nothing is Real" - Unknown

Perception Over Everything is an Art Brand that Helps Souls See Their Highest Destiny via Music and Cardology. With our cardology consultations and resources and knowledge for creatives and and the business-minded (including intellectual property, production, branding, marketing, and more), our goal is to help people of all creeds and backgrounds consciously create their reality, and do so for the highest possible outcome. We put you in position to be your greatest ally and ensure you have support in your journey, armed with the knowledge of self-realization and the tools to actualize it.