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Silence is Priceless

Ameni. I hope all has been well for you as we transition out of Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse season, moving into the full moon in Taurus. There has been some necessary silence among

Over the course of this retrograde, I was faced with many things, with the main themes being my needs to feel seen (which is an interesting paradox given my nature as an artist, healer, and entrepreneur) along with learning to stand in my power. The latter isn't difficult, but when finding and rediscovering parts of yourself, there must be an integration phase. I think this retrograde helped me tremendously with these things, and also brought me to one of many realizations: that of SILENCE.

I've always been a communicator, and I've definitely gotten better with it as I've gotten older. To those I really care about, I always voice my needs and concerns, as well as ask for feedback. I also have an affinity for people, and I am very extroverted. This means that something like silence does not come easy for me. Usually when I get quiet, many people close to me ask if something's wrong, and this is because I'm ALWAYS talking, or communicating in some way. However, what I found out over the course of the last month is that as much as I enjoy talking with others, I also enjoy my solitude and inner/outer silence... and it has honestly given me a different glimpse at the power I have.

One thing I have learned in shamanism, as well as my various studies, is that the true nature of the Divine is unknowable. Our minds on this plane cannot grasp the Infinite, and as a result it means that we can only truly experience this power. "Be still and know..." is a quote that may come to mind, and this is true like no other quote. The reality is that once you experience the majesty of the Creator of the Boundless Universe... there are no words to describe it. Even the words I use as a poet, writer, artist and orator are really only guideposts for you to take the journey yourself.

So yes, esoterically, silence is powerful. But what about in communion with others? What about our minds?

Our minds can get on autopilot if we're not mindful. It has its moments where it chatters away, giving its thoughts uninhibited. Even in conversations, we become so enthralled with others and whatever the discussion is that we forget to take a break and just sit with ourselves, or listen and integrate what is said. When is it time for the mind to rest, or rather for us to contemplate the silence, and not the noise? When is it time to sit in silence, so that we can see what is "noise," and what is "music?" When do we stop talking enough in order to listen, and observe? It's when we quiet the mind that the true inner voice brings itself to the surface, and we find ourselves thinking, speaking, and acting with more clarity than ever before. I know this latest development will (and has) definitely help me become a better listener, as well as more understanding and a better observer. I am excited to see my growth and what I bring to the supporters with this newfound wisdom. I am seeing the value of clear, consice speech over a long explanation that many do not need or ask for. I am seeing the value of succumbing to the silence, rather than being confused in the chatter.

"We have two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionally."

When is it time for the mind to rest,

Meditate on this today. Ameni (which means peace in Swahili)

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