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Ameni. We hope all is well for you today.

People in the spiritual community are always talking about the concept of alignment. Of being in alignment with the infinite intelligence, or about being in alignment with who you are. Today we would like to break this down just a little bit, and perhaps help you get into alignment with and within your own life.

The definition of alignment is "Arrangement or position in a straight line or in parallel lines or the process of adjusting parts so that they are in proper relative position." Even if we break down the word, we can also see what it means: a-lign or a-line. You are quite literally getting "in line" for you life. You are in or on the direct path to your highest version.

If you are anything like others who are in tune, you may see repeating numbers. You may see a particular bird everyday. You may see feathers on the ground when you take your nature walk. You may even have random "coincidences" happen throughout your day. We personally believe that these things are not just coincidence, but what is referred to as "omens" or "signs." When you see these words, begin to think of it in terms of traveling. When you see a sign on the road, such as a stop sign, or a sign signaling a curve is coming, you pay attention (at least we hope you do). These "coincidences" are the same way. They are the guide for you to know what is ahead on your travel through life, and you would be wise to listen to them. They help point the direction to where you are going, or where you should be.

Even a car needs alignment. If it isn't, you risk injuring yourself, and damaging the vehicle on the journey. Why would you not operate in the same way? Your body is the "vehicle" that your soul "drives" on the journey through life. In order to maintain it, you must give it the right "fuel", follow the "road," check your "fluids," and know where you're going as well as nowing the "car" you "drive" and what its capable of, otherwise you will be lost.

This is what it means to be in alignment. Following the signs, omens, and synchronicities we call coincidences to stay on the path of your highest destiny. Don't ignore the signs. See them, recognize them, recognize where you are when you see them (mentally or otherwise) and act accordingly. You will always reach your destination when you do so.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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