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Card of the Day: 5 of Diamonds

Ameni. We hope all is well for you.

Today's Card of the Day is the 5 of diamonds. 5 is always a number of change, of crossroads (sometimes fighting/struggle) and diamonds of course represents what we value, finance, and our physical world (aka Matters of the Body). This is also the day of the Lion's Gate Portal, so this is definitely a day to tap into this alchemical energy concerning your physical world.

This is truly a day where we can expect changes to happen for us in terms of what we feel is important to us on a physical level, which ultimately will affect our finances and other things in our physical world. Today is a day where you will definitely have to be mindful of your energy, what you choose to spend, and what/who you choose to spend energy with. If you have been going through financial issues, this card (and the energy of the Lion's Gate Portal) gives you the opportunity to change this outlook and situation. This is also a day when our focal point as far as morals goes is definitely changing as well. We now see that what we thought was important.... isn't, at least not personally and that's okay. As multidimensional beings, we all have to prioritize different things in our lives. What usually gets us in sticky situations is the chastising of other's views, which in reality is a waste of and energy, and we can no longer afford that. It is time to focus in on what is really important, what can help us, and the collective, ascend to the next level, which is the flowing of purpose, leading the pack, all of which can be embodied by this Portal.

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Build and Destroy, as well as being the Lion's Gate portal with the moon in Sagittarius, and Jupiter and Saturn being retrograde in Aries and Aquarius. This again adds to this energy of shedding unneeded concerns, learning to flow in purpose, and being responsible for what you decide to focus on. If you have been feeling the need to do a ritual, or to tap into the energy of your cosmic ancestors, today is a PERFECT day for that.

Meditate on this energy today. Ameni

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