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Mercury Retrograde: Spring 2022

Ameni. We hope all is well for you and your loved ones during this time.

Mercury Retrograde is often given a stigma in the online community, as well as among astrologers. Many have never even heard of this phenomenon, and have no idea of its impact (or reflection) of the human psyche. By the end of this post, we hope to clear that up, as well as give you insight on what to do during this time.

Mercury Rx is essentially a time where the planetary rotation of the planet Mercury, is moving backwards in orbit. Other planets do this as well, but Mercury does it more often than the other planets. Mercury is the planet that represents the mind and communication, and rules Gemini and Virgo, which means that usually during this time, communication tends to break down, and thoughts tend to be more self-reflective. Only those who have not taken the time to talk to themselves and others, or reflect on their life experiences end up experiencing woe during retrograde simply because this work should ALWAYS be done, retrograde or not.

With this in mind, this Rx of Spring 2022 (in the Gregorian Calendar) has Mercury being in one of its homes in Gemini, and at this time Pluto is also retrograde in Capricorn, which signifies great changes in our accomplishments, or at least how we look at them. At the time of writing, we are in Taurus season with the moon in Virgo, all of which means it is definitely a time for slow and steady movement. Retrograde is never really a great time for rash or bold decisions, but more of a time to cultivate and reflect. Mercury and Pluto are Trined (a positive aspect), but with both in retrograde, along with the myriad of Earth energy we have present, it is a time to see how far we've come in our journey, and reflect on what we need to do to cultivate the best possible outcome in our path. This is a great time for business plans to be made, and blueprints to be drawn up. This is also a great time to cultivate matters at home, as well as plant seeds on the mental level. Although we are in retrograde, with Jupiter in Aries this type of mental initiative could create a significant amount of abundance for you in the long run. Be mindful of how you nurture yourself, as well as others.

Cardology currently reflects this as well, with a lot of Earth and Air Energy being present through the diamonds and clubs suit respectively, and even out of retrograde we shift back into the diamonds suit. Your Life Spread could reflect this time being more nurturing for you, or perhaps more mental pursuits leading up to physical manifestations.

(Note: even though we say "mind," we have an overstanding that the mind is not the brain. We hope the reader is aware of this.)

Mercury Rx will last until June 4 (in the Gregorian Calendar) with the Planet ending Rx in Taurus, and Pluto will in fact be retrograde until the beginning of October. Our next full moon will be a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, which will be a freeing time for many souls. Libra Season should be very interesting, as MANY planets will be retrograde, and we hope to keep you updated with that as well.

Reflect on these things during your time in Rx, and beyond. Ameni

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