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Deprogram to Reprogram

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today.

We often hear many people talk about the system, "The Matrix," "Programs," and all of the ways that the world around us tries to feed us ideas. This is what we would like to talk about today.

A Program means "a set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim."

To program means to "arrange according to a plan or schedule."

So when we hear about programs, programming, or a system of any kind, these are usually what people are referring to. We all have patterns, and these patterns stem from different places. What you do consistently will dictate your reality. If you do things that always take away from you, you will never have anything. If you do things that always add to you, you will always have things. The key is balance and flow between the two, not one or the other, as too much of either is not good for you. So this means that if you want a different life, if you you wish for a different lifestyle, you have to have new patterns. This is difficult when you have embedded certain patterns within you, and the longer they are there, the harder then can be to break.

In creation, or in doing anything, there is always something coming, and something else leaving. In order to create, one must destroy. You know this with your personality and life... You've had to "leave" your old self behind in order to become the new self. You've had to abandon things, and sometimes even people in order to elevate to the next level. The same can be said with patterns and programming. You must let go of old patterns in order to have new ones. You must stop doing things that destroy you, and instead do things that build you up. You must destroy to build, but performing ONLY destruction will lead to YOUR destruction.

In ordet to get this accomplished, one has to replace the old pattern with a new one. Old systems with new systems. The universe upholds a vaccum, which means there is no such thing as "something for nothing." There is no such thing as "empty space." We've heard the saying that "an idle mind is the devil's playground" and this is true in the case of patterns and conditioning. Simply stopping the habit isn't enough. Simply recognizing the pattern isn't enough. There has to be an active change of the pattern for it to be transmuted and changed into a new one. If you want to become a new version of yourself, you have to BE a new version of yourself.

In summary, "Be Before Becoming..." - J. Aaron

We also released a podcast episode on this as well. It would be great to listen to reinforce this idea of Deprogram to Reprogram. The link is below.

We hope this resonates. Ameni (which means peace in Swahili).

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