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Do the Work

Ameni. Hope all is well.

We live in an era that is very unique. Humans have always shared ideas throughout history, but in this age we can not only share ideas, but share them instantly with millions of people. While this can cause confusion and heated debates, its also beautiful in that it can also bring people from all backgrounds together in union of a collective idea.

However, there is a quote we've said in lectures before: "Dreams and Reality are Opposites. Action Synthesizes Them." In other words, the only way to materialize ideas (regardless of your creed or viewpoint) is to walk in the path of that idea. "The Universe is Mental," but we also live in a physical reality. It is a paradox, but it is our job to express the Divine Thought in all that we do while we're here. This takes a certain level of work or effort.

Hard Work, in reality, is only consistent work. Overstand this. We have an outdated idea of what "hard work" is and slowly but surely that idea is being replaced with a new one of "smarter not harder," or using your energy and effort wisely. This aside, one thing remains true... THE WORK. It must be done. No matter the perspective of how much effort or ease you put into said work, the fact of the matter is that you MUST DO THE WORK. Whether on yourself (which is the reason for being in our opinion), your business, your relationships, etc. Work doesn't have to be hard, or FEEL like work. When you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work. There are certain tasks that must be done however, in order for you and humanity to progress. Whatever you call this is up to you. But something must be DONE, ACTIONS must be performed (mental or otherwise) for change to happen. Aside from the nonaction of meditation... what work will you do?

Meditate on this today.

Ameni (which means Peace in Swahili)

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