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Goal Setting

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


We all have a vision of how we think the world should be, of how we want our life to look in the future. And more often than not, we know what we need to do to get to that place that we’re envisioning. The question is… are you doing it? Why or why not?

This lack of motivation or drive to become your greatest version is usually a result of one thing: lack of goal setting. Naturally there could be underlying reasons as to why these goals aren’t being set, but the most successful people that we have ever seen in human history have had some type of goal. Whether they become successful because of that set goal, or create something along the way to that goal that bring them success, knowing where you’re going and why has a profound impact on your life. Some call this ‘purpose.’ Others say of course that life is about the ‘journey’ not the destination. The balance is in having a destination while also relishing in the journey.

It is fine to have a big dream, idea or vision for yourself and the world around you. It is even better to set small steps toward that goal or vision. That happens RIGHT NOW! You plan for your future, NOW. You are seeing this future, NOW. Rome wasn’t built in a day and houses must have foundations, or they will crumble under their own weight. And you will find, that by setting small goals, and executing said goals, that you are actually living the life you have envisioned.

Set that goal, and look at it every day. You’ll be surprised at what you achieve.

We hope this will inspire you.

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