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Growing Pains

Growth is a natural process for everyone, everything, everywhere. The process may look different based on your perception, but everything around us is growing at different rates.

While it is a liberating, fun, and exciting process, it is not without “growing pains”. A mother bringing new life into this world is a great example that everyone can understand. While it may be painful, and while the process itself is full of numerous opportunities and challenges, the end result is a beautiful new life being brought into this world to be nurtured, and hopefully change it for the better.

This is true for any new venture in our lives. Whether its a new job or business, learning a new skill, starting a new relationship, or even growing into the highest version of yourself, there is a stretching of yourself in order to grow. “No Pain, No Gain.” Please bear in mind that pain is different than suffering, and that we must know our limits in order to grow at a healthy and steady rate. That’s a talk for another time.

You will not get to be the best version of yourself, rediscover yourself, or go to a new area in your life without the pain of growing past your former self. Maryaam Hasnaa of the New Earth Mystery School says that “We are never tested, only given an opportunity to embody what we already are.” There are no obstacles… only challenges. Grow to be the highest version of yourself. No one says it will be easy, but it will be liberating. We promise you that.

“The Art of Inspiration: The Highest Human Act” is a tool that can be used to help you during the growth process, so that you can push thru and become the best version of yourself. Our music is also a great tool to help do so. Check the digital shop for our albums and e-book, or Amazon for the physical copy.

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