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If it Ain't About the Money...

Ameni. Hope all is well for you. Today we have a more exciting topic, one that I think we can all ask ourselves as we continue along this journey of life.

As we are all aware, the world we live in currently is based around money. No matter where we go or what we do, money is somehow involved. This is so much so that people will detach themselves from friends and others simply because there isn't any money involved in what these people may be doing. This is not the way humanity should be acting.

Value is not based on money or material objects. How do we know this to be true? Let's us see.

If a billionaire, who is seasoned with money, investments, and saving, were to go broke and lose all of his money and material assets, would he be able to recoup?

If a young man, who is unseasonsed with investments, money, and saving were to go broke and lose all of his money and material assets, would he be able to recoup?

The answer to the first above question is yes. Because this rich person is familiar with the methods and knowledge that got him these funds and allowed him to keep them, he would gain these things back, and maybe even learn more in the process.

The answer to the second above question is no. Because this young man is not as familiar with the methods and knowledge to build and maintain wealth, he may in fact be in a position that is more difficult to overcome.

The moral of the story is, the billionaire never placed his value on the money or assets, but rather the SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE gained in order to get these assets. The money may come and go, but this knowledge will and does stay with him for the remainder of his life, no matter how much money he has. This is the true value. You can have all the material possessions in the world, but without the skills and know-how to maintain what you bring in (let alone the application of said knowledge and skills), you will only run in place. Not only this, but we must also realize the bigger point: money does not equal joy. Happiness comes and goes, but JOY comes from a life fulfilled, and since money is a moving instrument (i.e. it comes and goes), flowing in and out of your life...what stays then? What will be there when the money leaves, or when assets or material things depreciate?

Before we go, we leave you with this question:

If money was not involved, would you still do it?

Meditate on this. Ameni.

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