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Ameni. Hope all is well.

Today we would like to just bring up moving with intention.

My Shamanism Teacher had a mantra when doing anything: "Right Thought, Right Intention, Right Action." When all three are in harmony, you have miracles ready to happen. If one of them is out of balance, you may or may not like what happens. You must have a good intention (i.e. the reason for doing a thing, the driving force behind anything in your life), good thoughts (repeated thinking patterns that cultivate the mind to do and suceed in the task), and the right action (sustainably acting in what is balanced and in harmony with yourself and your world).

There are many cases where some have great intentions, but do not move on this intention for numerous reasons. There are others who are ready to act, but don't consider the true intent of their actions. Then There are those who have a good intention and move with the right action, but because thet haven't cultivated the healthy thought patterns needed to succeed, they fall short.

Consider a capitalistic person. The nature of capitalism is to CAPITALIZE on a particular person place or thing. The intent is only to make money, and not sustain the person, place or thing. Because of this, you find that those that only chase money eventually are unhappy and unfulfilled because they chose to put their faith in an artificial means of exchange rather than in the skills or values that got them this currency. The inverse of this is someone who has great ideas, but does nothing to actualize them. A dream not realized is a nightmare if you don't actively do anything to manifest it. A third senario is is a person who has a great idea and intention and the action to match the intent. However, when having an idea and doing actions from a particular intent, there have to be thought patterns that reinforce this intent. If they have unhealthy thought patterns, this person may fall short on their manifestation due to these paterns.

With the above examples, it is easy to see how being intentional with everything is key to living a healthy, joyful, and sustained life.

Meditate on this today. Ameni

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