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Love Language

Peace. Hope your month is full of Love, Health, Abundance, and Peace. This one will be short.

Love is as Infinite as the Universe itself. As such, the ways in which to Love is just as infinite. It is the highest form of vibration. Period. It binds us all. Every doctrine, discipline, or even business practice teach being a loving and understanding person in some capacity, whether for networking, or just to better oneself.

With this in mind, we must understand the concept of Love Language. Many people (and one of our favorites is by artist Kehlani) talk about this language. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho calls it “The Language without Words.” It isn’t Love itself, but how we love that’s important. Even more important is to understand and overstand that EVERYONE LOVES DIFFERENTLY. Realize that every person in your life requires a different form of Love, and that you may not be suited to take care of that for them, and that’s okay. Everything isn’t for everybody. As long as you recognize this fact, you’re well on your way to self-discovery and self-mastery and being a more loving individual for the collective.

There is a quote I love by Auset Eyewoa, teacher of the Liberation Code Academy:

“Remember That You Are Love.

You Are Everything, And Everything is You.”

Meditate on this today. Ameni

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