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Manifestation: A DFRNT Look

Ameni. We hope all is well for you and your family as we move into the beginning of April.

Maniftestation (like many aspects of spirituality in the modern age) has become a popular topic. Many people have been trying (I use this word purposely) to manifest their ideal life. There are many people that are selling you tricks, tips and more on how to get your ideal life, but very few have actually done that for themselves. Some actually sell you the idea so that they can live that ideal life prior to creating it for themselves. I would be wary of these people. I am currently living in what I've desired to manifest, along with having a level of peace that I've been seeking for a very long time, even in a young age. I am consciously creating my reality at all times. I would like to share some of these insights with you in the hopes that it gives you further clarity, and helps you do the same.

I recently discovered a new insight on manifestation by doing the etymology (or the meaning of the root words) of what manifest means.

Man (although we apply it to ourselves) in fact means "hand"

Fest has a similar meaning to infest, both of which have roots in the word festus, which means to be "full of," or "able to be."

I also did a blog post on Manifestation last year that briefly talked about the Law of Attraction and Presence, both of which are ideal and vital principles to remember as you are manifesting. By coupling this with the insight of what manifest actually means, it can give someone a brand new look on what this word and what this act actually means. Remember... Perception is Everything.

If we desire something, the reality is that it actually already exists. You may be asking, "Nate, how does it exist if its not in front of me?"

It actually exists WITHIN YOUR MIND. Sounds delusional on a surface level, but lets actually think about this for a second.

Let's say you would like a new car, a particular one. Something you love and know you enjoy it qualities. You've seen pictures, you know what it looks like, how it drives, etc. STOP HERE.

The very car you're envisioning actually exists in physical reality. If it didn't, you wouldn't have even desired it. It MUST exist already for you to even think about it.

Let's consider this on a deeper level.

I know that if you're brain does not have a previous reference for something, it cannot "see" or percieve it. This could be observed in children, for they do not have certain experiences and levels of knowing. This means they will not be able to percieve the various levels of reality until they do. Relating this back to the topic, one can slowly reallize that it HAS to already exist in order for us to experience or percieve it. The question then becomes, "Well how do I get it? How can I have it physically?"

The reality is that you already have it. You've just forgotten (or in reality been programmed to think) that you DON'T have it. You are on the same plane as that thing which you seek. It is on the same landmass (in the case of a car) AND it has parts made from the elements of Nature (just like you do). Realizing that it is already here and accepting that it is already yours, the speed which you accept this and the consistency of LIVING said thought determines when it will appear physically.

If we go back to the themes of Presence and Attraction, you can see (and know) that you attract what you are NOW! And Life responds to what you ARE, not what you project or pretend to be. Therefore ask yourself... are you acting that way now? Do you act as if you have that car, or that relationship, or have that dream? Are your thoughts, feelings and actions aligning with that which you seek? Or are you still chasing, and behaving as if it isn't already happening? It exists already. Why act like it doesn't? It is real in your mentality, and its parts are all present RIGHT NOW. Why delay the inevitable?

I just work here, and I mean that figuratively and literally. I am here to show you that which you always knew; that you Create You Reality. You have all you need... just use it.

Meditate on this today. Ameni (which means "peace" in Swahili)

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