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Marketing, Branding, and Content in a Digital Age

Ameni. We hope all is well.

This topic above is dense, and is something that needs to be talked about as we learn to use technology as a tool to express ourselves.

We have a video located below with Artist BMAR from Philly, where we really begin to talk about what artists can do to brand themselves, what it means to market, and how all three come together to create the content that you will share with your supporters. We also talk about how creatives should understand their value, and how to leverage this value into supporting oneself with an artform.

As artists, creatives, and businesses, we need to learn the various ways we can use the digital platforms to create our own, rather than simply JUST using theirs. We also need to overstand the various ways that we can market ourselves, as well as the authenticity of how we can and should create our art, content, and businesses.

Overall, this was a great conversation, and we enjoyed it every step of the way, and look forward to working with BMAR in the future.

Enjoy the video, and subscribe for more!

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