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Masculine and Feminine Energy

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today and beyond. We wanted to shed some light and talk about the Masculine and Feminine energies within us all in the hopes that it helps us regulate our lives and manifest our dreams.

Masculine energy is in short about bestowing and protection. It is associated with the conscious mind, light, the known, and logic. Since light and knowing (Light is referred to AS knowledge in esoteric studies) are very structured and are based on evidence and facts, this means that Masculine energy deals with the "seen" reality. It is built to defend the feminine energy. Logic itself is based on unarguable evidence and the things already experienced, so this creates structure, or rather it should. It is also the assertive energy (again, bestowal) hence the shape of the phallace and the function of the sperm cells. This is the role of Masculine energy.

The Feminine energy (and this writer is male) is from our experience based on reception and nurturing. It is associated with the subconscious mind, the dark, the unknown and creativity, as well as intuition. Feminine energy is the place of infinite potential. Light is birthed from darkness, which is not only present in creation stories, but also in childbirth. In darkness, we tend to "feel our way around" if we don't have access to a light source. In other words something like intuition begins to make sense. Since the Feminine energy is also associated with the subconscious mind and the unknown, this then helps us learn the purpose of these parts of ourselves. Creativity is this intuitive exploration of the Self expressed via a medium, which starts the conversation of Artistry in all its forms. This also explains the shape of the vagina, and why it is a focused opening in the body.

Understanding the roles of Masculine and Feminine energy can help us understand our role in relationships, learn to create consciously, and answer question about what Gender, creation, and even how we got into this plane. Hopefully this sheds some Light.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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