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Modern "Dating" and Partnership

Ameni. I hope all is well for you today.

I recently shared my thoughts on Modern Dating and Partnership, and what that looks like.

It definitely is a touchy subject with many layers, not only because of the wild situations that we can see on social media, but also because of how nuanced each person's situation is. Some are dealing with trauma (both past and present) and others are looking to grow AFTER healing trauma, seeking and learning themselves in order to be in proper union.

I personally think that a return to natural law is the way to go, and for me is the foundation for how we can fix problems between the genders. The reality is that at the end of the day, we need each other in order ot co-create the best possible reality.

Below is a link to the podcast on Spotify, and this episode is also available on our website.

As far as format for future episodes, my personal thoughts will be shared on the audio version of the podcast, while interviews will be shared on the video version of the podcast (available on YouTube and Twitch). Tune into where is comfortable for you and participate in the conversation!

I hope this offers insight and clarity for you. Ameni.

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