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Nate's Story of Cardology

Ameni. My name is Nathaniel “Naafie” Bey and I am a Cardologist, and Hip-Hop Artist. As such, I like to refer to myself as “The Hip-Hop Magi” as it not only encompasses who I am, but also the culture I represent (which is the Hip-Hop and Moorish Culture.)

Cardology and the Hip-Hop Culture go hand in hand, in my opinion. They both speak to the limitless expressions we can have as human beings. They both are a part of the Collective Subconscious Mind, with elements, principles, and practices that date back to the birth of the race. They both have their roots deep in the history of humanity. To me, they blend as easily as the 4 suits themselves.

Throughout my community, and throughout my (at the time of writing) 26 years, I have always used playing cards. Games such as Spades, and other matching games like Tunk, Pitty-Pat, and more were all a part of my childhood, and even my college days. Even when not playing these cards games, sleight of hand magic and cardistry have always somehow captivated me. They always were somehow just… cool to me, if I’m being honest. Movies such as “Now You See Me” began to give me a deeper meaning behind what I thought was real, and cards were a big part of that series. I remember the first time I saw Gambit, the card slinging hero from the X-Men. I was amazed further, marveling at the fact that they could not only be used for games and entertainment, but as a tool for self-defense as well. While gambling with the cards was never a big urge of mine, those games fascinated me in the energy they make people convey; an energy of poise, of stoicism (give or take the urge to gamble, of course.) They have mystified me, and have always been present within my life, and it wasn’t until I discovered and researched tarot (and subsequently the playing cards) that I saw what my gift was.

I started researching tarot cards in December of 2019, and while that form of science and divination appealed to me, I felt like there was another step. In my research, I found out that the playing cards actually could also be read similarly to tarot cards, minus the Major Arcana and the Knight of each suit. I started seeing readers use playing cards in their readings. The excitement I had that day was electric! The cards that everyone knew, that modern society has used for our entire lives, actually had more mystical value than I could have ever imagined. Perception is Indeed Everything. Upon further research, I discovered more and more, and the things I found not only resonated with me on the deepest levels, but brought an excitement, as well as a, “coming to terms with myself,” if you will. Here was something where I could embrace my intuitive side, as well as my intellectual and logical side. I slowly started to transition into using playing cards, drifting away from tarot, and eventually began to use them exclusively. Through a teacher and her associates, I discovered the Cards of Your Destiny book by Robert L. Camp. I then found the Mystic Test Book, and even more resources online about this science. I have never looked back.

Although I haven’t been using the cards in this way for very long, they have helped me not only start a business and define myself, but also help me define what my days were going to look like when I had no idea of my next move. They helped me pave a path, inspire others and give me a clear direction. I still continue to discover more about this work, myself, and those who do this work. With some trial and error, cards in hand, and coupled with the Hip-Hop Principles & Elements, I have been able to finally carve a path for myself that I’m sure will help others along their journey. This is a lifelong path for me, and I know that my ancestors are proud of what I’ve been able to do, and will do.

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