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Own Your Power

Ameni. We hope all is well for you. Today we're sharing a message that we hope will lift you into a better version of yourself, and motivate you into leaping into the next phase of your life.

No matter your creed, origin, goal, or influences, ALL OF US have an innate gift that were born with. Not only that, but this gift is something that is unique to each of us; no one can copy what you do, and even moreso the way you do it. You are unique in the way you express yourself.

Often times in this world, we are pushed towards assimilating into the status quo. In fact, people are usually shunned for being different, even though we are all made different. In reality, we cannot be the same no matter how our life is playing out. Eventually we'll be drawn to be ourselves due to the calling of our inner nature.

Often times people will chatize those who are different, or in reality, being their authentic self. This isn't their fault per se, because as we said, these things were learned. They were never taught to be themselves. (It IS their responsibility to make changes, however.) Until they do this work to change these behaviors (which can manifest as lashing out or hating others), there is one way we can help them: Owning our power.

The world doesn't influence us, we influence the world. When the wind blows a well-rooted tree, the leaves and branches may ruffle or sway, but the tree itself doesn't move (give or take storms, or old trees. That's another topic). In this same way, we have to be well-rooted in who we are. If we allow the opinions of others to sway who we are, it defeats the purpose of even being here. We were born to be whatever our unique expression is, and not doing that is doing a disservice to the world, and to ourselves. The world needs us to be ourselves. It demands that we do. The Creator gave us a unique desire to be expressed so that we can not only learn for the highest version of our soul, but so that we also help the Creator manifest the various levels of the human consciousness.

We hope you meditate on this today.


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