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Products of Perception

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today.

If you are seeing this, you know that POE is a brand that is about helping you see your best version. Our content is made to help you see that everything in your life is possible, if you only change how you see things (this is why you may always hear 'POE the Gang' in our works). Today we wanted to make a blog post about some of the products and services we offer, and how they relate to our brand.

We love music, and recognize its power in influencing the lives of others, as well as being a mode of self-expression. Music is how we ended up doing amazing things, let alone the amazing things our supporters have done. Some have gone on to play professional soccer in Spain. Others have started businesses and families. All have realized their potential. While we won't take credit for their accomplishments, we are proud to say that we helped them get there through our artistry. All of our albums are made to not only tell stories, but to express the sovereignty that we have as beings on this planet. Although they are available on all platforms, we encourage you to download them from our store as a direct way to support us.

Music is poetry attached to a rhythm and melody. So naturally, something like a poetry book should come as no surprise for people that have known us for a while. "The Art of Inspiration: The Highest Human Act" is a collection of poetry that serves to help inspire one to be oneself, and in doing that, you learn to inspire others. Leading by example is the best way to inspire others, and in order to do that, we must address things that lie under the surface of our thoughts, the subconscious mind. These poems are meant to invoke those thoughts, and hopefully you are encouraged to deal with any issues that come up, so that you can inspire others to do the same, and be a shining example of humanity's limitless potential. It is available as an eBook download, with the physical copy located on Amazon. An audio book is in the works.

We also have our raw organic honey brand, Imperial Olmec's Honey. We have recently become re-associated with our Moorish Heritage, and within our Nation we have various products we feel will provide even more value to you besides the food for thought of our creations. We know that Health is Wealth, and if you are in great physical condition, the rest will follow. This raw organic honey sourced from Florida serves to help deal with things like anxiety, dis-ease, and so much more. More health-related products are on the way (such as our various herbs and our herbal smoke blend) but for now we have infused honey that is helping the brand encompass the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of being your best version.

Lastly, our services. The end goal for us is spiritual ascension, and this wouldn't be complete without us offering services to match that purpose. This is where Cardology comes in. It is a science based on the playing cards and their relation to the astrological bodies above us, is a great tool for helping one get an overstanding of what they're blueprint could be for this lifetime, along with going hand in hand with astrology (A detailed description is located on the "What is Cardology" page on the site). Authentic expression isn't complete without knowing how to display that to your supporters, and this is where our knowledge of how to market, create a brand, and create value for your supporters shines. All of these things come in the form of consultations where we address your needs, and help you get exactly where you need to be for wherever you are on your journey.

All of these products and services are located in the shop, and we highly encourage you to look into them if you're ready to level up the way you play this Game we call life.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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