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Respect Over Fame

Ameni. Hope all is well. Today I have a topic that we should continue to meditate on as technology becomes more and more prevalent in our world.

The internet, and specifically social media is a double - edged sword. While we have the ability to reach numerous people from all over the world, it is easy to get caught up in this digital world, as it is SOLEY based on appearances. Someone may look one way online, but then be a completely different person when you meet them in the physical. Then there are those who portray their authentic selves, and more often than not they behave in a certain manner online. Once we Overstand this point, we get to the reason for the post today: Respect Over Fame.

Fame is defined as "the state of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements."

In other words, you are known for your deeds and accomplishments, (or if we were playing a game, say basketball, its how many points you have). Money can sometimes cause one to be famous or used to make one famous. In this society, it is a form of points, along with material objects also being a form of points. To the society, if you have no points, you are not successful. (We will debunk this later)

There is a dilemma here, however. Because there are objects that have been associated with money or fame, coupled with the social media statement we said above, people protray a LOOK of being famous or an IMAGE of being rich or wealthy, instead of actually being it. Social media in many ways has created a skewed view of what success is supposed to look like. Perception is indeed everything.

But... there are those who have not only found ways to take care of themselves and their families, but did not COMPROMISE THEIR CHARACTER to do so. They also may have public recognition, and rather than flaunting their victories, they give you ways you can do it for yourself. Naturally we like to bask in our own achievements, but this doesn't drive people of this caliber. They prefer to MASTER THEIR CRAFT, instead of simply getting your attention.

You will notice that people who flaunt money or achievements (in other words, have FAME) they eventually lose luster or steam. Not only does society change and these achievements end up lacking the same weight, but since money is a flowing energy, if they don't spend it properly, it runs out. While this is a tough lesson, it is a necessary one. Those who have RESPECT usually maintain money throughout their lives and, whether appearing rich or not, they are afforded endless opportunity and have LIMITLESS VALUE due to the respect people have for their craft.

Respect is truly more valuable than fame. No matter if someone likes or dislikes you, if they respect you, they will never do anything ill towards you (nothing you can't handle, anyway). Respect affords you things that fame can never. You may be famous for being a bad person, or doing something silly. While funny for the moment, it does not last. By moving honorably and doing things because of PASSION, not NOTERIETY, you become free to pave your own path. Fame is fleeting... Respect is forever.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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