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Ameni. Hope all is well. This one will be short.

Often, when we find ourselves, shine our light and be who we are, people may begin to see you differently. We work hard to become our best version, and at a certain point, we feel empowered to embody it. It is a REQUIREMENT in fact that we embody all that we are, because this will encourage others to be their truest self.

Perhaps you get called "arrogant" (which although this isn't always the case, we do have to be mindful. Confidence turns to arrogance when we forgo others to accomplish our goals. Remember this.) Others may have their own viewpoint about who you are, but if it inspires positive change in that individual or group, then you've done what the Creator has called you to do.

Do not be afraid to shine. Do not be afraid to be who you are. You are unique, you are special, and you have an energetic signature that no one can mimic or copy. See this signature, and you will manifest all that you are.

Be Great Today

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