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Solitude and Success

Ameni. I hope all is well for you and your tribe.

As of late, I've been reflecting on my circle and the people I have around me. I am glad to say that I have people I consider good friends, as well as family. So while the title is what it is, I would like anyone reading this to know I come from a space filled with people that Love me, truly.

Along with my circle, I have been also reflecting on Solitude, and how this ties into relationships, energy management, and ultimately success...

First and foremost, I'll pose a question: Who are you when no one is looking? What do you do when the lights are off? How do you "practice" for the Game of Life? Because I'll be the first to tell you: What you do in the dark will ALWAYS come to the Light. Always, All Ways. The reality is that who you are when you're alone, no matter what you do to cover it up or mask it, will reveal itself to those around you. If you're always surrounded by people, always "in the mix," then you cannot hope to express your real nature consciously. Why? Because you never had time to figure out what it was. You have to spend more time alone than with others because it allows for the self exploration and inner knowing that is necessary to have real power in relationships, let alone in other aspects of your Life. Life is a reflection of You.

Health is True Wealth. If you eat good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you will do more and make more money. You cannot accomplish anything on this Earth while in the grave. Doing what "he" or "she" is doing health-wise without taking the time to address what your needs are will always end in chaos. What makes YOUR body feel good? What are YOU accustomed to? How does eating that meal affect YOUR health? These are questions to ask.

Finally... Success... the idea sooooooooooo many are obsessed with (which most times can be a good thing)....

Its an inner journey. Its a solo mission. Why?

Because who can know what fulfills you? Who knows what will leave you accomplished? And yes, even though you wanna share your successes with the people closest to you, in reality, they cannot and will not percieve it the way you do, because they have their own idea of success and fulfillment. In order to be successful, you have to feel that way now. The word BE is PRESENT - Tense. Sometimes everyone around you may not feel that way right now, and for many reasons. More often than not its because the ways you and another see the world and success may not match. This can be why most people distance themselves from others while on their journey, and thats okay. Follow YOUR bliss. Your journey should inspire others to go on their own "Personal Legend," and if it doesn't they weren't meant for you in the first place. Move on.

In the end, Solitude can be a powerful tool in learning how to interface and "Win" with Life.

"Know Thy Self" takes on a whole new meaning when understood this way.

Meditate on this today. Ameni (which means Peace in Swahili)

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