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Surfing the Waves

Amani. I hope all is well for you as Spring begins to roll into full fruition (at the time of writing)

Anyone with wisdom and experience knows that Life has its tides, ebbs and flows, and waves. Things rise and fall. Life comes and goes. Change is the only constant. One of the 7 Hermetic Principles is indeed The Principle of Rhythm, which states this idea rather forcibly. The principle is as follows:

"Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates"

This is a LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. It cannot be avoided, laughed at, forced away, or ignored. It will always exist because it forms the framework of reality, and allows change (the only constant) to take place. Please re-read theses last few sentences and that last paragraph again for clarity and understanding. Because, while this Law does indeed exist, it is intended for USE, and with practice and comprehension, we can use it to "surf the waves" of life.

Let's use the metaphor of the surfer to talk about how we can "surf" the waves of change in our lives. Anyone reading this knows what a surfer is. They take a specially designed board or piece of wood and use it to ride the waves of the tides that are known to flow in and out on the shores of beaches. This skill takes not only practice, balance and a will to even attempt to do so (some even do so at an extreme level), but they also must have knowledge of the elements, and of the waves they are even attempting to ride. We've all hear stories of "the waves here are amazing" and "this time of the year on this beach has the best waves" and so on. By having this knowledge, coupled with what appears as an intimate connection the water itself (anything otherwise would lead to their demise) and the wisdom, experience and willpower to "conquer" the waves, they boldly go into the water to enjoy the power the ocean provides naturally. They also must be adept at mastering changes in the waves, and know what to do in those changes.

Let's assume that the Principle of Rhythm (or change) is the "ocean," that the "surfboard" is our bodies or mind, and that the "surfer" is our soul, our willpower. How adept are you at "conquering the waves?" Do you understand the waves? Do know know what "beaches" are the best to catch the most "radical" swells? Do you have knowledge of the tides? Are you skilled at "surfing?" Do you cower in fear when "the waves are too big?" Or do you get excited to elevate your skill and see "just how far you can go?" Is your "surfboard" built for the task? How well was it crafted, and do you upgrade it when necessary? You know you can't surf big waves on a "bogus" board or a boogie board. You need the best board, so you can surf the best waves. I'm sure skilled surfers can however, use what they have to get the most enjoyment. Are you in tune with the "water?"

Let's simplify:

How adept are you at conquering change? Do you understand the waves of change? Do you know what stages in your life are best to "catch" the most significant changes? Do you have knowledge of the tides of change? Are you skilled at maneuvering thru the changes in your life? Do you cower in fear at massive changes, or do you get excited to elevate and see how far you can go, in awe at what is possible? Is your body or mind built for the new changes? How well have you crafted your body or mind to be ready for change? Is your body or mind built for the task? You can't expect change to happen when you aren't built or ready for it. You need the best possible body or mind, so you can have the best possible experience during change. Skilled souls can, however, use what they have to get the most enjoyment. Are you in tune to change?

These are questions that I pose to you. Only you have the answers. Regardless of the answer, change is the only constant. Accept this, and you may begin to start "riding" waves like you never have.

Meditate on this today. And Happy surfing. Amani (which means peace in Swahili)

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