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The Divine Masculine: A DFRNT Look

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Ameni. I hope all has been well for you as we are trasitioning through the beginning of 2023.

Whenever the topic of masculinity is brought up, it always brings about different responses from different people. Some immediately jump into toxic masculinity, where they feel that men try to over-exert their power on women and the world, being called misogynistic or worse. Others immediately think of fatherhood, of a provider and protector, of someone who stands on his principles, who works hard... A man of honor. Some may even think about the warrior energy, someone who fights for causes he believes in, or for his family. And what about the spiritual man, someone in harmony with nature, a gardener, the "gentle giant" so to speak?

The Divine Masculine is all of these.

Before we understand what The Divine Masculine is, or rather, what he embodies, we must understand what it means to be masucline.

Masculine energy is considered the Light in spiritual practices. The Sun (or Son) may come to mind. Jesus was a man, was he not? As well as being called "The Light of the World?" In the Bible stories, Jesus GAVE of his gift. He bestows knowledge (which is also called Light in spiritual practices) and healing upon the world. This is the way of the masculine energy.

It is made to bestow, as well as to protect. It is the the King, The Warrior, The Lover, and the Magician. He is the Spiritual man, and since the Spirit is the cause of ALL, The Divine Masculine is also all of these. While there are unhealed individuals who do misuse this ability to give, or give with an ill intention, The Divine Masculine under, inner, and overstands his lower nature, which allows him to embody the polar opposite of that, thanks to the Law of Polarity. He knows that for the world to be a better place, that he must be better. By witnessing and/or experiencing his lower self in past instances, he knows that those qualities do not serve anyone. This means he strives to become the highest version of himself so that he can properly serve humanity through his authentic expression.

The Divine Masculine, though strong he may be, is as NOTHING without the Divine Feminine, and together they birth ideas, worlds, and universes. One attracts the other, so as a Man aligns with his highest nature, a companion, friend and lover is there to meet them in his alignment.

For men wishing to better themselves, "The Way of the Superior Man" and "King, Warrior, Lover, Magician" are two great books that have helped me move in a way that is cultivating my alignment as a man. I highy recommend them.

Reflect on these today. Ameni. (Which means "Peace" in Swahili)

*Update (1/9/2022) - We Recently did a podcast episode on this topic. The link is below:

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