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The Importance of Nature

Ameni. Hope all is well.

Nature is an important part of anyone's journey. Whether young or old, there is always a reason to be outside, whether we are on vacation enjoying the beach, taking a hike, or with our kids in the park. Nature has always had a calming effect on the human psyche and I will continue to express that effect today.

Nature doesn't show off, or prove itself. It just IS. There is a presence felt while in nature that is unmatched by anything else in physical reality. A calmness flows over us that helps us do the one thing we need to do: be present. Presence is a requirement to live the reality you deserve, and ultimately will help you see what is real, not just what you think is real.

Not only that, but whether we realize it or not, everything we have in our modern society came from nature first. Whether its the making of plastics and electronics, or the food that we eat, or what we drink, one or all of their ingredients exist in nature prior to us tampering with it. We must realize this: that if what we make comes from nature, that means that the remedies to what we call problems also exist in nature. Solutions truely come from Mother Gaia herself.

Get some nature today. You'll be surprised at what you discover.


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