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The Law of Love: A DFRNT Look

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Ameni. I hope all is well for you and your loved ones. We are approaching the Cosmic New Year, and I hope you have prepared for growth and your own blossoming.

One of my favorite artists has a song where he preaches that "Love is the Only Law." Using this statement as our thesis, along with some inspiration from a book club I've attended recently, I wanted to dive in and give an intrepretation of what Love is.

A wise man once told me that a Motther's Love is one of the highest examples of what Love truly is. When talking about Love, this should be your reference point. If you, unfortunately, had a skewed reference point, then whomever nurtured your growth unconditionally should be this reference point for you. This is important, because our definition of Love derives from this: that of Connection and Acceptance.

Our Mother will always share or have some type of connection to us. Regardless if she was tramuatized or healed enough to nurture us, the idea of her will always live on in us (as does our father's, but he does not nuture like a mother does, and this is the Truth). This is our first definition of Love, that of Connection. We cannot deny our connection to this planet or its inhabitants. We may not like some and what they choose to do, but to deny that we share this plane with them is utter follishness. Do we have to tolerate things in our personal space that we don't resonate with? No. But we do have to respect their space, just as much as they have to respect ours. And they will only embody that respect based on what we give ourselves. A paradox, but those who understand and comprehend this fully will get what is being said.

We also know that our mother's, whether we like it or not, have to accept what we do. As the nurturer, she does and will make efforts to empart her beliefs into your character. This is natural, especially since you literally came from her. Now... when you don't do EXACTLY as she has taught you, there is a scolding bound to happen because she sees you did not heed her wisdom. However, there comes a point where she realizes that you are your own person. You have your own goals and ideas, and this is again natural because you are a synthesis of her, your father, and of the world we live in. She MUST ACCEPT that this is the case, and since she birthed you, she will ALWAYS accept you for whatever may come. This is our second definition of Love, that of Acceptance, which I've been told is also a definition that author Don Miguel Ruiz speaks on in his book, "The Mastery of Love." I concur with Mr. Ruiz. To accept someone, regardless of your own views, in spite of your prejudices, no matter how you THINK they should act, but instead how they ACT... this is Love.

Some say that Love is undefinable. And to a degree, it is. Connection is Limitless, and there are infinite things to Accept (in terms of realization). God IS Love because God is Law, and God is Limitless. (Again, a paradox we must accept.) I personally believe that while we have these inductive and deductive faculties, I think having SOME idea of, (or rather being aware of) this idea called Love, is what I know God wants us to understand and realize, especially if we are to continue to grow as a human race.

Reflect on this today. Ameni (which means Peace in Swahili).

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