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The Lesson is More Important Than the Gift

Ameni. I hope all is well for you today.

We are often so caught up with our gifts, with the talents and atrributes we were given on this plane... and for good reason. Our gifts were given to us to enjoy, and to help others. But we never consider the importance of the LESSONS we learn when cultivating or using our gifts.

Being that I'm an emcee, I'll use it as an example here. I have been gifted with being a skilled writer since10 years old. I always have a lot to say, and it translates to things like poetry, public speaking, as well as me having a fondness of reading books and overstanding the meaning behind language and words. This could ONLY come from exploring my gift of writing, rapping and words. The time I spend writing and cultivating my gift into a skill became a lifelong source of wisdom that I could apply anywere. I can see what people meant when they talk, and their choice of words. I can overstand the meaning behind certain books I read due to how the author writes the book. I can listen to a song and even hear deeper messages that relate to me based on the context I'm listening in (let alone the song itself). These lessons only came from cultivating my gift.

Let's say you were given a car for your birthday after you've recently gotten your license. You love this car, and you enjoy driving it everywhere. Its small and senstitve, so you learn to be mindful of your movements. You come out of a store and BOOM; someone has hit your car, and totaled it. Of course you loved it, but you know you'll be reimbursed for it, and you are. The question to ask behind this story: what is more important... the lessons you've learned after havng the car, or the car itself? How you drove that car, and the experiences given from having shapes how you drive your next car, and subsequent cars after that.

The lesson was LITERALLY more important than the gift.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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