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The Marathon


Hopefully you’ve been using this month to set the tone for how you’re going to operate in 2022. With rattled and rebuilt foundations from last year, now more than ever is the time to get to work and see your vision come into fruition.

POE originally started as an idea for a rap group, but later turned into a company and brand. Couple that with lessons about growth, integrity, and the grind of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to see how P.O.E had such a rocky start. Of Course, there was help along the way from endless mentors and teachers, but the work to get the ball rolling was definitely something that would deter the average person. This always reminds us that it’s not how you start that matters… but how you finish. Holding true to what you want to do is big. The biggest companies in the world had humble beginnings and then continued to grow, regardless of what the outside perspective may have had on what they did.

No one has a “perfect” start. But everyone has a chance to start. So will you finish?

While you begin putting your goals in motion for 2022 and hopefully for the rest of your life, we’d love if you check out our digital shop for music, and the ebook. We also have "The art of Playing Cards" Slideshow available for those who want to learn more about cardology. Check the "Cardology" tab as well for more info.

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