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The Power of Astrology

Ameni. We hope all has been well with you and your soul tribe.

Astrology is the most ancient form of science and study that we have used to understand our world. The planetary bodies have been observed for millennia, and even though we overlook it due to the prevalence of technology, the sun, moon, and stars have been played a major part of our lives since we've been on this plane of existence.

Astrology is the study of the planetary bodies and their positions in the sky. Even the sun itself, which sustains life on this planet, is greatly considered in astrology, and is one of the first things people learn about and use. However, as important as the sun is, it is not the only determining factor in how one should use astrology. Cardology actually goes hand in hand with astrology because it uses planetary bodies for calculations and interpretations.

Each of the planets have an associated meaning that influences you directly, as well as helping you understand lessons that will be presented to you throughout your life. We won't get into the meanings and in depth discussion of how specific planets influence us on this post, but we highly suggest looking up your astrology chart and finding someone that can interpret it for you to get more insight. You can even begin the study yourself, as all of us should know what these things mean because they not only affect us individually, but collectively. By using your birth day, time, and place, you can find out important things you need to know about yourself. It is not the end all be all to who you are, but is great at giving you a general idea of different aspects of yourself.

Astrology has influenced business decisions, changed lives, saved lives and allowed people to embrace who they truly are on many levels. When used properly, it can help you on your journey to your highest self. If you are interested in the card form of astrology called cardology, head to our "What is Cardology" page and learn more!

Meditate on this today. Ameni (which means peace in Swahili).

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1 Comment

Jakayla Bailey
Mar 28, 2022

"When used properly, it can help you on your journey to your highest self."

Preach!! People don't understand this.

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