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The Power of Spring

Each season of our life has significance to our nature as people and as a collective. Springtime is always one of the most well received times of the year. In previous times, Spring was hailed as the true beginning of the new year. The cold is coming to an end, flowers are beginning to bloom, and pollen (as well as good vibes) are in the air.

We always relate Spring to the blooming of flowers, and new life being birthed. Our past experiences prepare us to bring our dreams into reality and with change so prevalent during this time, we must ask how and in what ways these changes are manifesting. With so much going on in our lives, we must be sure that what we have planted begins to bloom and make itself known to all around us. Pollination is a process in and of itself. There are many moving parts, all with the goal of creating new life, and allowing that new life to shine beautifully.

With this in mind we ask… what is blooming for you this spring? Have you gone thru the “pollination process” to make your dreams real? Is there a “blooming” happening for you? Are you beginning to get your “flowers?” If so, how are you sharing that with others, and are they appreciating your beauty? What can you do with this “bouquet of flowers?” These are things to keep in mind as we move into the TRUE New Year.

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