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The Power of Words

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Ameni. Hope all is well with you and your tribe.

As a company based on the Arts, as well as being involved with communiation in many ways, we wanted to talk about the importance and Power of Words, and the ability that they have to manifest things in reality.

In Kemet (otherwise known as Egypt) the term heku means "words of power/affirmations." To some they intrepreted this as spells and magic, and in actuality... this is true. In English it is known as (spell) - ing for a reason. Words tend to "cast a spell" on the listener. They can create, as well as destroy.

Why else does Hip - Hop have such an influence over the youth, as well as the world? Why do poets, holy books, parables and marketing campaigns rivet us and capture our attention? Its because of the words, the diction, the language used. And (so long as we exist on this plane anyway), our inner speech will eventually show in our actions, as well as in our outer speech. This is one of many reasons why mastery of mind is so important.

At the time of writing this, many people are using social media platforms to exchange their thoughts, and even market their music and businesses. However, there is a degree of control that has to take place when it comes to showcasing their Art or story, or within branding yourself online. We know that what we say and do will manifest results. Therefore, an artist who makes songs about pain, then promotes said songs, and then proceeds to perform said songs (with power because of how the story resonates with them) shouldn't be suprised when that is all that manifests for him or her. How can you expect happiness from your life when you only speak about hurt? How can you expect money to come into your life when all you do is talk about the lack of money? If you talk to others with insight, Love and confidence, but then have horribe self-speech mentally, how can you embody self-love in the proper ways? As above, so below - or in other words, what you say internally has to match what you say externally, and ALSO has to match your actions. Word is Bond, Word is Life.

Words, whether said internally or externally, will harden into fact when the action matches them.

Words are your magic wand. Cast wisely.

Ameni (which means "Peace" in Swahili).

Below is the link to a brief video of a lecture that we had this past weekend concerning the Magic of Words and Intentional Writing. We hope it will bring further clarity to what we talked about here. Gratitude.

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