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The Road Less Traveled

Ameni. We hope all is well for you as we move full swing into Summer. Today I wanted to speak on taking a "straight and narrow path"... or as i call it (like the title of my second EP) "The Road Less Traveled."

There are books with this name, let alone my own project and a poem of the same title in my poetry book "The Art of Inspiration: The Highest Human Act." There are also many other holy books that reference this same idea, although they may present it in a different way. All of these works essentially talk about the same thing: the path we must walk and traverse in order to reach our highest potential. But why is it called this? What gives this metaphor and idea life and meaning? I personally think it's a great way to summarize a simple yet profound Truth:

We ALL have our own journey we must embark upon. And that path is not one many can follow, if any at all, because it is a solitary journey (and in many ways a sort of dance) with and to the Divine, and our Purpose.

We come into this world (to a degree) alone. Although we have our parents, at a certain point we walk this journey on our own accord. This is also evidenced in another simple yet profound Truth: No one else (and by this I mean another human being) resides in your Mind, Heart or Thoughts. Even greater, no one can do what you do the way you do it. The path of your Life is yours alone to walk. You may have some friends you meet along the way, or a beautiful scene that causes you to stop, stare and admire its beauty. You may even get caught doing something you find enjoyable for a while (and for some longer than necessary). But eventually, the distractions fade, and there is only the Path. All ways lead to THE Way, and not me, another "guru" or book can make you take those steps. And in reality, if the Path is truly YOUR Path, it will be something you have never experienced before, yet it somehow feels familiar. Although it has some difficulties, once these are embraced, things seem to just fall in place.

This road is also one rooted in righteousness. You cannot get to your highest potential without acting within the highest possiible outcome, which can present challenges because of the delayed gratification present within being righteous. Patience is a skill that must be worked on, so there are those who prefer to take the "easy way" out and get what they want immediately, which comes with a price later that is hard to pay, and in most instances, its never worth it. I've learned this from experience.

So what's the conclusion? How can we apply this to our lives today?

Realize that your journey is not anyone else's. Your trials, what you enjoy and even what you percieve as righteous could be different than your fellow man. Yes, you have your own path... but so does your neighbor, your co-worker, and yes, even your mother. Instead of making someone follow you, attempting to convince them to abandon their pursuit because the "grass is greener on the other side," and chatising them for not doing so or not meeting your expectations, instead learn to have more understanding. This is one major lesson that continues to present itself to me as we all evolve. Just like you, people have a path that they must follow. Don't waste precious seconds of Awareness coercing rather than traversing. Those who are meant to be there will be there. Allow people to walk their journey so that you can walk yours.

Meditate on this. Ameni (which means "Peace" in Swahili).

**Sidenote: A link to the poetry book is located below.

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