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What It Means to Consume

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today. We wanted to talk about consumption, and what that actually looks like in today’s age.

Consumption is not just about food. In fact, what you consume as food is a DIRECT result of what you consume mentally. We eat certain foods because of how we want to feel, or because of how it tastes. It’s no wonder we call it “food for thought,” and although we’re striving to be more consistent with these blogs, the goal has always been good mental food. This is because what you consume also affects what you will produce in your life, on all levels. Let’s dive deeper.

Social media and music are currently the prime sources of consumption today. We see news, updates on people we know (whether in an online or in-person way) and listen to artists that can affect our moods and mind state. This begs us to ask the question: What are we consuming? What is the “chef” serving? Does it nourish us?

In areas like South Carolina, we say someone is “long-eyed” when they are getting more food than they are capable of handling. We also know what happens when we consume too much water, or too much food, or too much dessert-like foods. So although there is an ABUNDANCE of “ food” out today, an abundance of information (which differs from knowledge), should we consume it all? We know people who grew up with the mentality of “not eating everyone’s food.” We’ve also heard of the countless horror stories of people in restaurants getting terrible food as well. Everyone doesn’t take the time to “prepare their meals” properly. Others may be serving “meals” that are not for your well-being.

We also need to take into account “comfort eating,” something that is surprisingly common today. Many people eat certain foods simply to feel good, or to raise their moods. What usually happens is that these foods actually make our situations worse, rather than helping us elevate. Most of the foods people eat are only satisfying our base urges and taste buds, but not the nutrients we need.

This is where we must also watch out what "comfort eating" we are doing as far as information and knowledge as well. We often scroll for comfort, or watch certain things because we feel a certain way. The reality is that if what we're watching or listening to doesn't offer us mental nourishment, then we can find our selves tired, cranky, ultimately stagnant. For this reason, we have to learn to consume better foods physically, as well as mentally, and even emotionally. (although the last thing you should be doing is consuming someone's emotions).

At the end of this, the reason we are bringing this to your attention is because that what we consume, we will also release to the world, and become. If you consume good food, you will release good energy. The inverse is also true.

What we consume directly affects our reality. Be mindful, and meditate on this today. Ameni.

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