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Card of the Day: 2 of Diamonds

Ameni, and many blessings to you.

Today's card of the day is 2 of diamonds. With 2 being a number of wisdom, of knowledge applied, of balance, and diamonds ultimately representing what we value, this card is asking us to apply our values within our lives in order to balance our lives.

Knowledge is Power. Applied Knowledge is freedom. What we have stored within us as knowledge, inner knowing or awareness is meant to be shared with the world, in one form or another. Not doing so defeats the purpose of the ever changing universe, for how can something change if something else is not introduced? If we move in a new environment without learning anything about that environment prior, we may find it difficult to navigate in it. But if we have experience in it, or get a "coaching" session, we may even find ourselves moving with ease in this new environment.

The key to this senario is the APPLICATION of what you know. Yes, the learning is powerful, and experience is always the best teacher. It is applying that learning gives you power and freedom. Adding the diamond energy to this means that we have to apply ourselves when balancing our values, or our money. KNOWING you need to balance you checkbook is different than BALANCING your checkbook.

You may also be deciding between 2 opposing values today. Choose and move wisely.

With today also being a 3-day, and 3 being a number of understanding, we are also being asked to let this wise movement based on what we know help us understand ourselves better, as well as our experiences better. Once you know something, you apply it. Once you see the knowledge in action, you then understand it. Such is learning.


Knowledge is Power. Applied Knowledge is Freedom.

Meditate on this today. Ameni

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