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Card of the Day: 5 of Clubs

Peace. Many blessings to the tribe.

The Card of the Day is the 5 of clubs. With clubs representing the mental body, communcation, and ultimately truth, and 5 being a number of change, power, and refinement, this card is posing a few questions for us.

The full moon is right around the corner, and today being a 3-day (2 + 1 = 3) along with 3 being a number of understanding, we are being asked to understand our ever-evolving truth, especially at a time where discernment is so vital.

These questions must also be asked today: Has your Truth or how you think changed? Communication changes when these things do (usually), so has the way you respond to your environment changed as well? What have you done to alter your mindset for the betterment of yourself and those around you? What ways has your speech changed? Do you percieve that you're stuck in a way of life or thought pattern that you know you ultimately have the power to change? Is your mind still stagnant, or have you grown beyond repetitive thoughts? Are you further refining the thoughts and thought patterns that serve you? Are you refining your communication skills?

These questions are not loaded. You know the answer to these questions. But by applying what you know, you bring change to yourself and those around you. Knowledge is indeed power, but applied knowledge is freedom.

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