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Card of the Day: 7 of Diamonds

Ameni. Hope all is well.

Today's Card is the 7 of Diamonds. With Diamonds representing abundance, manifestation & value, and 7 being a number of luck (some calling it the "God" number) this card represents owning up to and taking action toward what you value and what you wish to manifest.

The First Hermetic Priniciple is the axiom of "All is Mind. The Universe is Mental." In other words, everything that we can percieve must be mental in nature before we can even see it. When it comes to seeing things present in our physical reality, we have been conditioned to think that these things are only outside of us. Anything in our physical world HAS to exist in our mind's eye first. Without a mindset of abundance, we cannot experience it in our world. Without having the awareness to recognize problems, solutions, or even an object, it would seem it does not exist to us.

Life makes us think we are the victim of circumstance, when in fact, we are the stars of our own movie. We dictate what we see and what we choose to experience. This means that in order to see abundance, recognize our value, or have anything in our world, we have to dictate that thing via various methods, whether it be visualization, mantras, or even projecting ourselves to have an object or be in a certain situation. You are the master of your reality, and must move as such in order to see or do anything.

With this also being a 4-day, you must also have some sort of foundational knowledge about yourself or your lifestyle in order to even begin to change it.

Know what you value, and manifest it.


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