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Card of the Day: 8 of Hearts

Ameni. Hope all is well.

Today's card is the 8 of Hearts. Hearts represent our inner world, emotions and intuition, and Love. 8 is a number of creation or desctruction. Even as you turn the number 8 sideways, you see that it is an infinity symbol, which is indictitave of the cycles of life itself.

Today this card is asking you to see where and how your inner world and emotions are creating or destroying your envirnoment. Many do not realize that it is not your thoughts that do all the creating, but it is thought coupled with FEELING that eventually create the desired outcome. Paradoxically, without letting go or "destruction" of your former habits or patterns (physical or otherwise), it is harder to create a new life. How can you hope to control your emotions if you've never tried? How can you hope to use your intuition if all you've ever used is logic to come to conclusions? Logic is fine with proper use, but without intuition, you only have information gathered from the external world, which will limit what you can do if discernment is not cultivated.

With this also being 4-day (four being a number of culture, freedom, and stability), in order to create stability in life, we must Love ourselves. With a healthy dose of self-love, it is much easier to tap into your intuition, control emotions, and ultimately be of better service to the Collective. Are you seeing the ways to Love yourself? You are an infinite being, and have numerous ways of self-care. Tap into this. You will be better for it.

Love yourself. Peace.

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