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Card of the Day: 9 of Clubs

Ameni. We hope you have a productive day today.

Today's Card of the Day is the 9 of Clubs. This is associated with the 9 of swords in Tarot, which is sometimes referred to as the nightmare card (although we don't think this way). 9 is a number or birth or creation (subsequently new beginnings) and Clubs is an air suit denoting the mental body, communication, and truth.

This card is asking you to not overthink. Overthinking to us is like sending your logical mind into overdrive. Although this can help you as you'll be able to see the numerous sides of a situation, it can hinder you because you are analyzing things that have not happened or have already happened instead of allowing them to happen naturally.

Reason, however, is not bad. Our logical mind is the processor of information. It uses what we know as a way to help mold our reality based on that knowing. It is the first line of defense for our subsconscious mind, and also the way we recieve information, then turn that information into knowing. However, as useful as this aspect of us is, it is only ONE aspect of us. Logic can define emotions as chemical processes, but does it truly cover emotions in their entirety? What about emotions like anger (which is really passion) or love, which have the ability to basically negate the workings of the logical mind, or even our knowing? (Unless you're trained in the ways of controlling your emotions.)

By using what you know, and letting go of knowing the unknown, (say that 3 times fast) you allow you subconscious mind to create the situation. Which is more important...getting or letting go? Remember our ego is associated to our logical mind, and the ego wants to recieve ALL THE TIME, but we also have to learn to give. We hear a familiar quote incoming.... "Give to Recieve." (Sidebar: Knowing when to give is important. That's another topic.)

Since this is also a 4-day (1 + 3 = 4) and four being a number of stability, foundation, and solidness, we are also asked to stabilize this "monkey mind" in order to see change in our life. Mental Stability is key to a stable and peaceful life.

In other words, "You think long, you think wrong."

Overstand these things, and meditate on them today.

Ameni (which means "peace" in Swahili)

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