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Card of the Day: J of Clubs

Ameni. We hope that all is well for you.

Today's Card of the Day is the J of Clubs. Clubs energy always represents "Matters of the Mind" and Jacks traditionally represent change energy, as well as our childlike attributes. This means that on a greater level, the Jack of Clubs is asking us to be malleable mentally, to communicate freely, and to have a willingness to learn.

Today is a day where you will feel called to step into a space where you will have to change how you talk to those around you. There are many times where we get rigid in our speech, as well as rigid in our thinking. Leos (we are on the edges of Leo Season) are ruled by the Sun, and also represent the heart chakra, and we are being asked to speak from this space. The heart is fluid, it feels intensely, and it also isn't as systematic as we are when we're talking to people. Although Clubs rules the Mind, your mind is not your brain, or logic. Clubs can also represent intuition, so you could be in a space where your intuition changes in the way in manifests, or changes in the way that you use it, which leads us to talk more fluidly. This also could be said in our thinking, as many things could be happening to us right now that challenge the way we used to operate mentally. When we do things over and over, we build certain neuropathways that eventually become second nature. This is why habits are heard to break. Although life is constantly changing and we are being introduced to new things everyday, it is our decision as to whether or not we need to pay attention. This is a day where you have an opportunity to make those necessary changes, to see and accept something different, to create new neuropathways. Change your mind, change your life.

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Born Power All-Born Equality. In other words, applied knowledge is power, which leads to refinement and inner balance. Its when we use what we know (or what we learn) in a way that makes us better that we become balanced.

We have many aspects in retrograde, and if you're into astrology, we highly encourage you to check into these aspects to see how this resonates for your (and the collective's) chart. Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, the nodes are retrograde in Taurus, as well as both Neptune and Pluto being retrograde in Pisces and Capricorn, respectively. The nodes are squaring the Sun, so identity issues could be present (hence seeing yourself in a new light, or having new thoughts about your identity and creativity, relating back to what we said above). The fall will shape up to be an interesting time for the Collective.

Meditate on these things today. Ameni.

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