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Go With the Flow

Ameni. (This means ‘Peace’ in Swahili)

Life moves similar to a wave, a tide. It is very easy to look at this in a negative way, and feel like a victim to our circumstances. However, more often than not it works in our favor, if we work with the tide rather than against it.

Whether we realize it or not, we are simply moving within a rhythm and flow of the universe that even to this day we barely understand or even comprehend. In Chinese philosophy, this is called the Tao, i.e. the push and pull of Life. Some also call it "the flow of Nature" The rising and falling, the ups and downs of our situations and circumstances. These things can have a big effect on your experience if you don’t realize an important fact: that YOU decide how these situations affect you. The surfer analogy is a good example of this. They realize that they cannot control the waves at sea, but instead decide to “ride the wave” in order to have the best experience. This is not to be confused with adopting someone’s ideas as your own, or “moving with the crowd.” That’s not what we want to accomplish, and doing so will always result in you wasting your energy or succumbing to another's intention.

In other words… Life is going to give us many opportunities to embody who and what we are. It is our job to create that opportunity out of the circumstances that we are given. No one except the Creator will tell us that a situation is presenting us with a chance to grow ourselves. It is up to us to see this. Go with the flow of Life. See things through to the end. The only way out is through. There is no need to fight against what is, only to move accordingly for our highest and best good. And who knows… we may end up being the one to start our own wave.

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