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Planting Seeds

Ameni. We hope that all is well for you today. We wanted to use the metaphor of 'the garden and the gardener' to hopefully offer insight into why we may or may not be n=manifesting the things we need in our lives.

Farmers are all too familiar with the process of planting seeds. They know that without the proper procedure and care, whatever they plant will not come to grow. They know that if they refuse to plant that seed, that they have no hope of harvesting that crop in the future. They know what to plant, when to plant it, and how to plant it to ensure the best yield of that crop. They also have to know the integrity of the soil in which they plant the seed.

In Life, nothing grows without planting a seed of some sort. This seed can come in many forms, and most often comes in the form of an idea. If that idea is planted in “unfertile ground,” it will not grow. If it is not tended and taken care of by the “farmer” it will wither and die before it begins to grow. If the idea is not even planted properly, it can cause a deformity in the plant that eventually blossoms, or in some cases, the plant will not grow at all.

So have you planted the seed of your ideas? Are you tending to your ideas in the hope that it will bear fruit? Is the ground in which the idea is planted fertile? Dreams and ideas only come into being when action is there to bring them together. Keep this in mind.

“The Art of Inspiration: The Highest Human Act” can help you either reliably plant your ideas or create the fertile ground for those ideas to become manifest. Look for that in our digital store or on Amazon. This is a great way to support the brand.

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