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Positivity Breeds Longevity

Ameni (which means "peace" in Swahili). We hope all is well.

We can see the effects of a positive mindset and the results of a negative mindset. While negative responses can give you an immediate satisfaction, they are more often than not short-lived. Positive responses may not always give you an immediate satisfaction, but they always have lasting results.

This is the topic of discussion today.

Let's imagine that you're working on an art project. If you already have a negative outlook on yourself, then this immediately limits what you create for the project. It won't be from the highest version of yourself. You may behave recklessly when creating it. And because of this, if you decide to make an attempt at selling it, or giving it away, you may find it difficult to do so. Some may critisize it, and cause you to be even more negative if you choose to listen to them. It could even inspire hate if you're not mindful of what you're painting. And yes...Although we sometimes have to put "negative" things into our art, it can be a transformative process if you have the intention of alchemizing your old thoughts into new ones. But that requires a more positive mindset.

Let's say you are working on this same art project. You've taken the time to know yourself, so you have a positive outlook on life, and on your skills as an artist. You will be making this your best your work yet. This means that you're placing intentions of Love, Freedom, and whatever other positive intentions you have into the artwork... and it shows. You and many others say the piece is beautiul. Others critize, but you choose to focus on the positive, on the Love, not Hate or Fear. You like that this artwork inspires others to speak up. In fact, because of your positive mindset, which inspired a positive response from the community, your artwork is now going to hang in a historic museum. You will forever be remembered for this art.

Positivity Breeds Longevity. If you always think about the end, the end will come. If you don't have faith, you'll feel as though you don't have a future and will not take actions toward a future you feel doesn't exist. If you always think about the future, the future will come. Faith in that future inspires action now. A Positive mindset can turn a seemingly chaotic situation into a lesson that brings you abundance. Shift your Perception and you may find that life has more to offer you when you decide to look at past, present, and future situations in a new way.

Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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