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Power of Wisdom

Ameni. We hope all is well.

Knowledge is a gift. The ability to know, to have a reference for or to have an established inner view of a person, place or thing, is a force that is only matched or balanced by the force of the unknown, the limitless. When surfing the waves of the unknown, it is the known that "lights your way."

With knowledge comes power. This we understand. However, power (subsequently gifts) unused can become a heavy weight on the journey of Ascension. We are not hear to promote fear, as each soul (along with the Creator) decides when to use their inner power. We've just realized that It's just important to APPLY knowledge and APPLY your gifts to see the change.

Wisdom is defined as knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action. The key word here is action. We may know how to build a house, or cook a recipe, but that vision will stay within your mind until you decide to apply that which you know. Think about getting insight from a friend. If that friend only tells you what he or she knows, while you may still hear them, subconsciously you may not apply what they told you. Inversely, if this friend has been through the situation you're asking about, and can vividly describe the do's and don't's, you will be receptive to the message they have for you. This... is true wisdom. It is the application of what you have learned that jumpstarts the creative process.

Everything you see in physical reality was once an idea by another being, in the mind of another being (Oneness is a thing, though that's another topic). In order for this idea to be made manifest, they had to apply an action to make it real. How would you have an iPhone, a Tesla, or a house if someone didn't apply their idea, get the materials for that idea, and then take actions to see that idea made manifest? Even the thinking and planning of certain aspects of these ideas were just as important as the creation itself. It is the action before physical action. Whether it's a question to the Creator, divination, prayer, meditation... there is always an action and corresponding reaction. Such is the Law. Knowing why you move is vital to succeeding in life, and by applying what you know, by being a walking example of your knowledge, you give a great gift to the Collective. This is the Power of Wisdom.

We will leave you with this quote:

"Dreams and Reality are Opposites. Action Synthesizes Them."


Meditate on this today. Ameni.

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