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Self Is the Thesis

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Ameni. Hope all is well. Today we would like to discuss being self referencing, as there is so much information out and discernment is more important now more than ever.

All information that you recieve from someone has some level of bias (and Knowledge is different than information). There is an Individual Truth and there is a Unified Truth, and most (not all) people speak from their personal Truth, aka their perspective. The wisest of people preface this in conversation, but it should be a general rule that when you hear something from someone, it's coming from their perception. This means that in order to understand what they're saying and not get lost in their viewpoint, you must understand yours.

The above paragraph is why self-knowledge is so important. You cannot hope to understand anything in the external unless you understand what is going on within you. Many healers like to say "Take what resonates." This is what this phrase means. They would like you to take the things they say that fit with what your inner guidance is telling you. Even in physical reality, you will not see or understand something without some sort of inner knowing or previous reference within you. Self is indeed the thesis.

Before I go I would like to also share a song with you that I wrote a few months ago that not only has the title within its verses but also speaks to the subject.


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