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The Divine Feminine: A DFRNT Look

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Ameni. We hope all is well for you today.

While there is technically a man writing this, this man under, inner, and overstands his Divine Masculine nature, so I think I can talk about the Divine Feminine nature. Why? Because a Divine Masculine Recognizes a Divine Feminine and knows her qualities due to him knowing what would add value to him, what would compliment him.

We talked about the energy of the Divine Masculine and what it really means; to bestow, to protect; to be a King, a Warrior, a Lover, and a Magician, and to know his lower nature so he can operate from his highest. He is a pillar for the Divine Feminine. But what is he a pillar for?

Women do and are so many things. She is a mother, a caregiver, a nurturer. She is also a helper, in the sense that she helps her companion accomplish the goals that they both agree on. She is sensitive, and in-tune with her emotions. The highs are amazing, and the lows are dangerous should she feel threatened in any way. She loves to express ALL parts of herself, and although this is sometimes associated with promiscuity, the reality she is multi-dimensional in her thinking, attitude, and actions. She is magical, and all things come to her... and I mean ALL THINGS. Most importantly, her sensitivity to her environment means she is highly intuitive, and able to get messages and insights that may not be available to her Divine Masculine counterpart. This... is the Divine Feminine.

The Feminine Energy, when looking at Natural Law, is all about infinite potential, nuturing and receptivity. This is sometimes associated with chaos, and we all know what happens when a woman is mad. We also know women want the world, no matter what they may tell you. If she can have it, she will try to get it. The Feminine energy is also often associated with Darkness in spiritual tradition, but it is not as "bad" as people perceive it to be. That which is "dark" is really only unknown. People fear what they do not understand or recognize. The wise know that they know nothing, because knowledge is infinite. It cannot truly be contained. This is why we as humans are only able to see (according to modern science) about 1% of visible light. Yes... you have only seen 1% physically of what is possible. The unseen reality is powering the seen reality (there are many names for this idea, whether God, Magic, Nature, etc.). In the realm of mind, it is the Subconscious Mind, The Mind behind the scenes, so to speak. Any and all practicioners of Psychology, Therapy, Spiritual Practice, even physical trainers and more all know the power of this lower mind, this Mind of habit, of conditioning. It gives back whatever you feed it. It is what "holds together" all of our ideas, actions and memories. It is the realm of Soul. It is where things are birthed and stored, much like child birth. This... is the Power of the Feminine Energy.

A Divine Feminine recoginzes ALL of these things, and has fully intergrated all of her energies so that she becomes "The Womb of Universes." She under, inner, and overstands that she is the fertile ground in which seeds are planted, so she protects herself as such. She realizes that her chaos is sometimes necessary for protecting herself and the ones she loves, and that this seemingly chaotic nature is really just the flow of Life. She knows that she is a nurturer of ideas (and subsequently, of children) so she prepares and keeps her temple clean. She is infinitely creative, and deeply emotional as well as sensitive, so she expresses herself fully in all situations. This sensitivity also includes a deep connection with the Divine, so she gets messages that are not always percieved by her counterpart. She is a Queen, a Doctor, a Mother, and Witch (should the need arise.)

Together with the Divine Masculine, they create infinitely. The All (or God, Allah, The Infinite) is both of these energies, and has made its energy manifest via the Mental capacities, and through our physical vessels. One needs the other, but you must reconize it within yourself in order to meet your Divine counterpart.

Meditate on this today. Ameni (which means "Peace" in Swahili)

*UPDATE: Here is the link to our podcast on the site. Also available on Spotify, Apple, Google, and More!

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